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Just the Way It Is

Since 2008, Poland based sound designer collaborating with numerous software instrument developers and launching over 30 nicely received sound sets. Let alone hundreds of factory presets along the premieres of plenty of software instruments worldwide.

Companies I have worked for (click to visit):
Applied Acoustics Systems , Rob Papen , XILS-Lab , Nucleus Soundlab. , Xhun-Audio , discoDSP , Image Line , Sugar Bytes , TubeOhm Instruments , FabFilter , Lennar Digital , Arturia , UVI , LinPlug , Tone2 , Martinic , G-Sonique , Big Tick Audio and FXpansion.


Latest Work For AAS

This outstanding Canada based company will always have the special place in my heart. But for Applied Acoustics Systems, I would not be in the place I am right now. It is them that have put me on the map.
Already 12 sound packs released and I have not said my final word.

My Interview

for Applied Acoustics Systems


for Lounge Lizard EP-4


to Audio Demos for AAS

Heart and Soul

Behold Real Me

Sometimes you realise that the need to turn the voices in your head into the music is stronger than anything. Here are some compositions of mine that somehow "happened" in between my sound designing efforts.

Some of them got lost in the meantime, some are the reminders of the unforgettable moments with your friends, other artists and would-be enemies.

1. Motives and Radio Jingles
2. Sagan-Visible Silence (Klos, Wludarczyk, Harris)
3. 8th Day-Visible Silence (Klos, Wludarczyk, Harris)


Good Things Tend to Happen

Paradoxia Sound Pack




by Stawczyk

discoDSP releases "Paradoxia" sound pack for Discovery PRO.

Incarnations Sound Pack




by Stawczyk

Xils-Lab release "Incarnations" sound pack for XILS3 LE.

Caffeine Sound Pack




by Stawczyk

Applied Acoustics Systems release my "Caffeine" sound pack for Lounge Lizard EP-4.


Good people say good things about me

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