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Caffeine for Discovery Pro

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IN SHORT: Sequenced Presets for Discovery Pro

PRICE: $ 13.99 from: $ 20.00

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01. Caffeine Multis and Melodies in Action
02. Caffeine Arps in Action


"Caffeine" is actually a set of 3 banks. The primary one is a presentation of amazing sonique possibilities.The main "Caffeine" bank is a set of amazing MULTILAYERED presets, ARPEGGIATORS and MELODY LINES that have brought Discovery Pro into newly discovered layers of existing possibilities.

The main "Caffeine" bank is a set of 78 amazing MULTILAYERED presets, 16 rich ARPEGGIATORS and 31 inspiring MELODY lines
TWO additional sub-banks:
- Arpeggiators/melodies (127 presets)
- Percussion (38 presets)
- Bass (34 presets)
- Efx (32 presets)
- Atmos (20 presets)
* ModWheel and Aftertouch applied

Original artwork by Marcin Buganiuk