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PLUS - 128+ soundset for LittleOne by Xhun Audio

PLUS is a soundset for Xhun Audio's VSTi version of the world acclaimed LittlePhatty by Moog.

It is a collage of so far unseen variations of the LittleOne's possibilities brought to a litteral edge. Get more from one set as PLUS offers:

* 16 gated sequences and melodies,
* 16 involving leads,
* 7 organic drum tools,
* 9 soothing yet vivid pianos,
* 16 innovative special effects
* 64 daring pads and synthesizers
* and also "Special Assignment Package" of 55 bank presets.

Special Assignment Package - "+" 55 refined bank presets to be loaded individually offering you additional joined PitchBender and ModWheel modulation action as well Channel Pressure mapped for full preset creativity.
Be gentle with Bender though, as its filter mapping here and there might deafen you for a while. Yet, it's worth it. PLUS includes 128 bank presets saved individually to allow constructing one's favourite custom preset bank.

* all the bank presets have Modwheel action mapped. The presets are LittleOne v2.7 compatible.

(graphics by Marcin Buganiuk)