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"MOON" - 200 presets for Ultra Analog VA-2
(Ultimate step of "STARLIGHT" of Applied Acoustics Systems)

"MOON" is a 200-preset bank for your beloved VSTi.

Following the release of the "Starlight" sound bank for Applied Acoustics Systems' analog synthesizer, it's now time to land on the "MOON".

* 31 perfect ambient presets,
* 14 arpeggiator basses just ready to play your backgrounds,
* 16 arpeggiator presets,
* 38 unique inspiring effects,
* 9 romantic keys to play your favourite melodies,
* 36 edgy leads,
* 6 pad presets,
* and 50 synthesizer patches to complete your compositions.

Finish your journey. Just land on my "MOON".

...wish to land on the "MOON"? Do it.

IMPOTRANT: VA-1 soundbank available, however sold at one's request only

(graphics by Marcin Buganiuk)