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"GORE" - 200 presets for CrX4

This product is a 200-preset set for one of the best VST instruments ever.

Are you into composing a movie or a game soundtrack?

The set contains numerous rich sonique inspirations for a composer of any gloomy soundtrack. Just don't hesitate and pick up "GORE" for CrX4 by LinPlug as the set provides the impressive number of 200 presets including:

* 56 dark atmos,
* 23 drums from beyond,
* 27 alarming keyboards,
* 67 creepy synthesizers,
* and 27 fearsome special effects to 'liven down' your compositions.

"GORE" is probably the scariest soundset for CrX4.

All the presets have Modwheel, Pitchbend ans Aftertouch applied (AT not included in drum presets).
The set uses internal waveforms of CrX4.

(graphics by Marcin Buganiuk)

Audio presentations below have NO external effects, EQ correction or any compression.