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"Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators" - 200 presets for Ultra Analog VA-2

Long expected unique offer following "STARLIGHT" and "MOON"" Soundbanks

Do you remember my "Starlight" and "MOON" soundbanks for Applied Acoustics Systems' analog VST synthesizer?

"DNA" is the set of two hundred unique loops born due to the Ultra Analog VA-1's arpeggiator blessing.
They are to wake up the inspiration from the carefully designed DNA's preset pack.
Despite the seemingly limited possibilities of the instrument's arpeggiator, when skillfully conducted, the synth can make miracles.
With its LFO action combined with the PAN flexibility, DNA makes its way through the sound designing market offers.

Do not hesitate to let the wave flow for a while. You never know what is going to happen...

One thing is for sure - the variety of the pack is quite impressive:

* 58 presets of HARD feature,
* 60 MILD presets,
* 52 SOFT loop inspirations,
* 11 DRUMS playing,
* and 19 SPECIAL EFFECTS to enliven your creativity.

Do you miss the looped melodies to get inspired? Just reach for "Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators".

IMPORTANT: VA-1 soundbank available, however sold only at one's request

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(graphics by Marcin Buganiuk)