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CIRCULAR - 128-preset soundbank for Gamma-Ray by TubeOhm Instruments

CIRCULAR is the initial step of sound designing upon the successor of Alpha - Ray. Gamma - Ray takes its throne to initiate the birth to the first commercial third-party soundbank.
CIRCULAR is meant to open the sincere intentions for the truthful sonique symbiosis giving:

* 10 effective gated sounds,
* 7 ruthless varied leads,
* 77 ever-wanted sequences,
* 34 ultra-spectral synthesizers,

CIRCULAR with its content contributes to Gamma - Ray's positive feedback offering inspiring presets in their true colours.
The attached preset list has the suggestions of individual preset 'VCF invers' to expand the palette of the bank offer. All the bank presets have Modwheel and Aftertouch action mapped.

The graphics by Marcin Buganiuk is my personal tribute to the people of Australia.

Also check out 'The Prism' - the sound bank for Alpha - Ray.

The audio demo tracks of CIRCULAR have no extra effects used, only original Gamma-Ray's. Modwheel and Aftertouch in action.